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If you are a full-time student, take time to ensure all necessary tools are correctly installed on your personal machine before the first Thursday of class. For Intro to Programming, this includes configuring the command line, installing and setting up Git, and installing VS Code text editor.

Setup and/or installation instructions are included in the following lessons:

  • Command Line - Only Windows users will need to install a program to utilize the Command Line. Mac computers should have a built-in program called Terminal, as described in this lesson.
  • Text Editor: VS Code
  • Git and Github
  • Git Configurations
  • We also recommend installing Chrome if you use another browser on your personal machine. Chrome recognizes most of the latest JavaScript features and we use Chrome on Epicodus machines. We also use Chrome Developer Tools as well as other Chrome features throughout the program. You can download Chrome here.

Students that are attending Epicodus in person will have the opportunity to get setup assistance from Epicodus staff the first Tuesday of the course at 10:30am. If you are a remote student, we are not able to provide this in person assistance. However, we can help troubleshoot basic personal environment issues remotely. Please reach out to your instructor in Discord or by email for help and information on troubleshooting your personal environment. Note that the assistance we can provide is limited and that we do not have the staffing to debug complex personal environment issues.

Note that part-time and evening students will receive setup assistance at a different time. Check with your instructor for more details.

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