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You've done it, you're in code school! You've committed time, energy and dedication toward learning how to code. We can’t wait to see what you create and want to do everything we can to support your success. To be successful, it's important to consider how you can best approach the challenging six months that lie ahead.

First of all, this program is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes it will even feel like a slog. Sometimes concepts will make no sense, code will break for no reason that makes sense, and it will seem like nobody has the answer. In fact, that's a typical day in the life of a developer and one reason developers are in high demand and are paid well.

Epicodus will probably be very different than from your previous educational experiences. There are no shortcuts in our program. We need to have your full commitment in order to help make your own journey a success. It’s up to you to make the most of your experience!

Read the article 8 Easy Ways to $%^& Up your Code School Experience, by Perry Eising, a former Epicodus instructor that has worked with students at Portland Community College, Portland State University, and Reed College. Perry addresses the most common misconceptions and stumbling blocks we see students get caught in during their time at Epicodus that prevent or inhibit their success in class and at internships.

If this is your first week, use this information to prepare yourself with the best possible mindset before you walk in the door. If this is your 5th, 10th, or even 15th week, revisit this article to reassess and recalibrate your perspective and approach in your remaining time here. It's never too late to make improvements!

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Last updated July 15, 2021