Lesson Weekend

Lessons (Book icon)

Lessons provide the content for the Epicodus curriculum and are designated with a book icon and day of the week for review. Lessons include text to be read and a cheat sheet that summarizes terminology, code and tips from the text.

Some lessons include videos and others do not. Where videos are included on a lesson, some students prefer to watch the video, others prefer to read the text. Often video content is available from external resources (e.g. Treehouse). These resources are integrated into Epicodus content to offer a variety of sources for learning and finding solutions. As Epicodus coursework gets more advanced, students are encouraged to be more independent in using external resources to find solutions for the coding they are undertaking.

In the Intro to programming evening course, lesson content will be explored as part of daily in class work (although you are always welcome to review at home as well). Only code reviews that are indicated with a Friday day stamp are independent projects to complete outside of class.

Exercises (Pencil icon)

Exercises provide coding activities for students to practice the tools and concepts learned in the lessons. Exercises are designated with a pencil icon. Pre-work exercises are completed at home and weekly exercises are completed in class.

Code reviews (Friday exercise)

Code reviews are independent projects that are designed to allow you a chance to implement all of the learning objectives from a course section. These are intended to be completed at home after the work of the section has been done (and all objectives practiced). However, the project for the code review is always available and can be started at any time.

Code review projects should be submitted to Epicenter following the code review instructions no later than 5pm on Saturdays to ensure that the teacher has reviewed your work before the next section material the following week.


Each lesson has a black Feedback tab on the middle right of the page. At Epicodus, we want to hear from you. If there is a lesson that really helped grow your understanding or if there is a suggestion you may have for improvement, we value your insight and hope that you will share it with us.

Your submitted feedback goes immediately to the curriculum development team and is reviewed daily. When leaving feedback, we encourage you to provide your email (not required!) so that we can connect with you for clarification and updates AND most importantly, to thank you for your time.