Exercise Friday

Note: Epicenter is wrong, the review is due Saturday and not Wednesday or Friday.


Ping Pong

Create a web application that takes a number from a user and returns a range of numbers from 1 to the chosen number with the following exceptions:

  • Numbers divisible by 3 are replaced with "ping"
  • Numbers divisible by 5 are replaced with "pong"
  • Numbers divisible by 15 are replaced with "pingpong"

A user should be able to enter a new number and see new results over and over again.

Break the program down into simple, individual behaviors with input/output examples. Begin with the simplest possible behavior. List these behaviors (also known as "specs" or "specifications") in the project's README.md file.

Example Layout

Ping Pong Layout

Your final application is not required to look like the example.

Example Specifications Section in README


This is only the first specification. Include similar specifications in your README for all behaviors your program demonstrates.

Further Exploration

If you finish meeting the objectives for this project, consider adding additional features, such as:

  • Recreate the example layout.
  • Add images and other custom aesthetics.
  • Implement different behaviors/effects/images for different inputs.


Your code will be reviewed for the following objectives:

  • JavaScript business logic and user interface logic are separate.
  • Variable names are descriptive and use lower camel case (e.g. myVariableExample).
  • Code has proper indentation and spacing.
  • All previous objectives have been met.
  • Project is broken down into "plain English" specs, listed in README.


Submit your code for review to the Arrays & Looping code review on Epicenter by 12 pm on Saturday.

Visit the Independent Projects and Code Reviews page for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.