Exercise Weekend

Writing your resume is a very similar process to writing the cover letter - we want to use many of the same keywords from the job description, and tie them to our experience.

This time, though, we'll include a more complete work and education history, and write using bullet points instead of paragraphs. Use specific numbers and accomplishments, like "Consistently in the top 10% of representatives for customer satisfaction", rather than generic phrases, like "Achieved customer satisfaction".

You may also find that some aspects of your experience aren't as relevant to some jobs; feel free to leave things out to keep the resume focused on what the company you're applying with wants.

Here's what the resume might look like:

And here's our list of keywords, crossed out as we included them in the resume:

  • Barista at Lil' Joe's Coffeehouse
    • Fun
    • Focused
    • Determined
    • Creating order out of chaos
    • Takes on additional responsibilities fills in gaps
  • Customer Support at Healthcare.gov
    • Technical customer support
    • Client engagement
    • Turning over all the rocks
    • Resolving issues thoroughly
    • Proactive
    • Detail-oriented
    • Building, configuring, and troubleshooting
    • Challenging technical issues
    • Diverse enterprise customer base
    • Excellence
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Integrity of the work
    • Benefit the customer
    • Takes initiative
    • Improve outcomes, processes, or measurements
    • Deliverables
    • Accountable for results
    • Provide support and collaboration.
  • Epicodus
    • Command line
    • Git
    • SQL
    • Domain models
    • Passion for the web
    • Open-source development
    • Community
    • Interpersonal and communication skills
    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or relevant experience on the job
  • Internship at Digital Designs
    • Site development
    • PHP development
    • Relevant experience on the job
  • Missing
    • Linux
    • LAMP
    • Network protocol layers
    • Security layers
    • Drupal

With that, we're done! This cover letter and resume will get us past any bots or even non-technical HR staff by using the terms and phrases from the job description. It will also make it easy for a hiring manager to see that we have the skills and attitudes they're looking for in this role.

One last tip: when applying for a job by email, put your cover letter in the body of your email, and attach it and your resume as a PDF (not as a Word document).