Exercise Weekend

Writing your resume is a very similar process to writing the cover letter - we want to use many of the same keywords from the job description, and tie them to our experience.

This time, though, we'll include a more complete work and education history, and write using bullet points instead of paragraphs. Use specific numbers and accomplishments, like "Consistently in the top 10% of representatives for customer satisfaction", rather than generic phrases, like "Achieved customer satisfaction".

You may also find that some aspects of your experience aren't as relevant to some jobs; feel free to leave things out to keep the resume focused on what the company you're applying with wants.

Here's what the resume might look like:

(As with the cover letter, do not copy this example resume - it will be very obvious to Epicodus staff and to employers if you do, especially if your resume looks suspiciously like other students who ignore this warning and copy it.)

And here's our list of keywords, crossed out as we included them in the resume:

  • Barista at Lil' Joe's Coffeehouse
    • Fun
    • Focused
    • Determined
    • Creating order out of chaos
    • Takes on additional responsibilities fills in gaps
  • Customer Support at Healthcare.gov
    • Technical customer support
    • Client engagement
    • Turning over all the rocks
    • Resolving issues thoroughly
    • Proactive
    • Detail-oriented
    • Building, configuring, and troubleshooting
    • Challenging technical issues
    • Diverse enterprise customer base
    • Excellence
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Integrity of the work
    • Benefit the customer
    • Takes initiative
    • Improve outcomes, processes, or measurements
    • Deliverables
    • Accountable for results
    • Provide support and collaboration.
  • Epicodus
    • Command line
    • Git
    • SQL
    • Domain models
    • Passion for the web
    • Open-source development
    • Community
    • Interpersonal and communication skills
    • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or relevant experience on the job
  • Internship at Digital Designs
    • Site development
    • PHP development
    • Relevant experience on the job
  • Missing
    • Linux
    • LAMP
    • Network protocol layers
    • Security layers
    • Drupal

With that, we're done! This cover letter and resume will get us past any bots or even non-technical HR staff by using the terms and phrases from the job description. It will also make it easy for a hiring manager to see that we have the skills and attitudes they're looking for in this role.

One last tip: when applying for a job by email, put your cover letter in the body of your email, and attach it and your resume as a PDF (not as a Word document).