Lesson Weekend

At Epicodus, each cohort spends one day of in-class time preparing job search materials. This includes creating and polishing LinkedIn profiles, cleaning up Github, writing cover letters, completing mock interviews and more. For your course, this day will take place tomorrow.

Preparing your job search materials ahead of time ensures they'll be ready to go for your internship interviews, and any job opportunities that arise after your graduation!

Required Materials

In order to make the best use of this time, please bring the following to class:

  • A laptop, if possible. Everyone will work in pairs as usual, and you'll trade your work with your partner for review. However, you aren't required to share a computer while writing your individual materials such as cover letters and resumes. About half of students will need to work from their own machine.

  • Past resumes or employment information to reference, if applicable. Not everyone has start and end dates for previous jobs memorized. Maybe you have an old resume you're proud of, and would like to use as a template. Make sure any materials you may need to create an updated resume are accessible on Thursday.

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