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Stand Up outside Epicodus

Stand up meetings are incredibly common amongst software and technology companies both small and large. They are very short, focused meetings that are held amongst a team, a subteam, or a division. They generally take place standing to help ensure that the meeting is concise and to the point. Stand ups are generally 5-15 minutes in length and are an opportunity to hear announcements, share short pieces of news, ask for clarification or bring up issues relevant to the team as a whole, but are not generally the place for lengthy discussions or to troubleshoot individual issues. Other terms for standup you may hear are “morning rollcall” “daily huddle” or similar. If a standup or meeting involves the entire team, it is sometimes called an “all hands”.

There is no agreed upon frequency for a stand up - small team standups may take place one or even twice a day, but weekly or bi-weekly is also common. The most common frequency is daily, at an agreed upon time and place that does not generally change.

For standup, keep your questions & comments short and on topic. Make a point to connect with individuals after the meeting to follow up on questions or topics that got brought up during standup.

During your first week of internship or job, be sure to make note of when and where your standup takes place.

During your time at Epicodus, try your best to not miss standup - this is where important announcements and answers to common questions take place, and instructors will assume that you are aware of questions answered during standup.

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