Lesson Weekend

Next week, we will be working on web applications in groups of four for the Epicodus Developer Trade Show to take place on the last Thursday of class. In preparation, we'll take the coming week to generate ideas and sign up for teams, so we'll be organized and ready to go first thing next week.


Generate an idea you would like to help develop into a working application. It could be a game, a new business idea, something educational, something fun, something to help others or something to change the world, an application or website a friend or family member could use, etc.

Past Student Work

Ready to brainstorm? Here are a few examples of projects past students have built during Team Week. You're not required to choose from this list, of course (although you may, if something really speaks to you!), this is only to begin your own brainstorming:

Planning Activities

Sites and applications that help plan:

  • Vacations
  • Camping trips
  • Road trips
  • Weddings and other events
  • Pub crawls
  • etc.

Lending a Hand

Sites and applications that aim to help people out, such as:

  • Locate stolen bike
  • Reporting/searching for missing pets
  • Organizing/compiling resources for at-risk populations
  • Helping people prepare for/respond to natural disasters

Connect People

Sites and applications that aim to bring people together, such as:

  • Helping musicians find other musicians for jam sessions
  • Locating puppy playdates
  • Dating sites of all varieties, themes, focuses and interests
  • Interest-based meetups and events
  • Communication tools, like chat rooms, web forums, and more
  • Virtual study groups and other learning tools


Playable games, for instance:

  • Text-oriented games like "Choose your own adventure"-style storytelling games
  • RPGs
  • Word and math games
  • Turn-based games
  • Oregon Trail-style side-scrollers
  • Digital versions of classic favorites like Clue, Poker, Magic, Chess, Monopoly, Breakout, etc.

Tracking, Aggregating, or Visualize Data

Applications that help track and manage data of some kind, such as:

  • Food diaries
  • Workout tracking
  • Mood trackers

Or applications that do something with outside data pulled from an API. Check out this list of APIs for ideas.

Productivity Tools

Websites aimed to help make you more productive, like:

  • Checklists
  • Organizers
  • Note-taking tools
  • Crowd-sourced to-do lists, or grocery shopping lists

Websites for Real People

Additionally, past students have created functioning websites or applications for family and friends' small local businesses, including catering companies, dog groomers, and more.


Monday and Tuesday

Brainstorm Ideas

Monday morning, begin listing project ideas on the designated whiteboard(s) including:

  • A title
  • A brief description of the project
  • The language you are learning
  • Your name

Over the first two days of the week, ideas will be added and updated on the board. Sign up for a project in your language you find interesting by placing your name next to the project. Feel free to talk to potential groups; and ask questions. We want you to sign up for a project you feel interested in and passionate about!


Sign Up

Everyone is required to sign up for a team no later than Wednesday. All teams should contain 4 students. If a team already has 4 people, it is full and cannot take on additional members.



Teachers will confirm all teams have 4 members and an adequate project idea. If teams have too few members we'll help connect you with additional teammates, or re-arrange teams as necessary.

You won't begin working on your project until the following Monday, but you're encouraged trade contact information with your teammates and consider planning and brainstorming together outside of class!

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