1. Weekend Test Driven Development and Environments with JavaScript Objectives
  2. Weekend Modern JavaScript Development
  3. Weekend Basic Project Structure
  4. Weekend Future Project Structure
  5. Weekend Git Best Practices and Adding a .gitignore File
  6. Weekend Creating a package.json with npm
  7. Weekend Semantic Versioning
  8. Weekend Installing Dependencies with npm
  9. Weekend Introduction to webpack
  10. Weekend Configuring webpack and Using npm Scripts
  11. Weekend ES6 Imports and Exports
  12. Weekend Bundling JavaScript
  13. Weekend Bundling CSS with webpack Loaders
  14. Weekend Processing HTML with a webpack Plugin
  15. Weekend Improving Development by Automating Clean Up Tasks
  16. Weekend Improving Development with Source Maps for Debugging
  17. Weekend Improving Development with a Live Development Server
  18. Weekend Improving Development by Linting Code
  19. Weekend Adding A Production Dependency: Bootstrap
  20. Weekend Configuration Reference, Suggested Workflows, and Optional Review
  21. Weekend Journal #5
  22. Sunday Prior Course Section Survey
  23. Sunday Journal #5 Discussion
  24. Sunday webpack and npm Practice
  25. Sunday TDD Review
  26. Sunday Red Green Refactor Workflow
  27. Sunday Setting Up Jest
  28. Sunday Setting Up Babel
  29. Sunday TDD with Jest: Testing the Triangle() Constructor
  30. Sunday TDD with Jest: Testing the Triangle.prototype.checkType() Method
  31. Sunday Testing Best Practices
  32. Monday Test It Out, Sudoku Checker, Project Euler
  33. Monday Expanding our Testing Tools: Adding Setup and Teardown
  34. Monday Improving Test Reports: Adding Test Coverage Information
  35. Tuesday Test It Out, Sudoku Checker, Project Euler
  36. Wednesday Introduction to ES6
  37. Wednesday ES6 Classes
  38. Wednesday Test It Out, Sudoku Checker, Project Euler
  39. Wednesday Homework: Asking and Listening
  40. Wednesday Homework: Meetups and Networking