Exercise Sunday

As discussed in the Journaling at Epicodus lesson, each weekend you'll receive a journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. You'll then discuss your responses with a partner at the beginning of the next class session.

Journal Response Discussion

This Section's Prompt

As you'll recall, you were asked to write responses to the following in your journal over the weekend, as detailed in the Journal #6 prompt:

After browsing a decent number of job postings, write a description for your own ideal future job. This can be formatted as a job posting, or a list of attributes.

Your list/posting can contain anything. Identify traits you found appealing in jobs you saw. And traits you already know you desire in a job. Did you like the idea of working with a specific technology? For a team that volunteers in the community? In a dog-friendly office? Working remotely? Free snacks? Great benefits? A big team? A small team? Travel opportunities? Full stack work? Back end work?

Discussion Questions

Before beginning today's in-class work, discuss what you recorded in your journal with your partner.

  • Share what traits you identified as desirable in a future job. What do you find appealing about them? Why? Are your ideal jobs similar? Different?

  • Do you know what your post-graduation goals are? (It's okay if you aren't positive!) Share anything you do already know, no matter how big or small. (Will you seek work in Portland or Seattle? Or move elsewhere? etc.)

  • Can the two of you brainstorm anything you could do right now to get one step closer to these goals? (For instance, if there's a local company you'd like to potentially work for, could you start attending their meetups? Or if you want to work in a specific technology, could you make sure your next group project or independent capstone project uses this technology, to gain practice?)