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So far our in-class time has followed a similar routine. We arrive to class, find a partner, sign in, locate the lessons and exercises for class, then work through them in order. This usually involves reading lessons and/or watching a videos, completing a project or activity, reading a few more lessons, completing a few more projects or activities, etc., etc. But now that we have the necessary skills to build larger, more complex projects in class, this structure will change.

New Daily Structure

Beginning with the first class of this section and continuing throughout the remainder of the program, exercises and lessons will be completed as follows:

  • Each class session will contain only a single coding exercise (denoted by the pencil icon). It lists all of the class session's in-class projects.

  • All lessons (denoted by the book icon) are to be read outside of class. We previously titled lessons meant to be completed outside of class with a Homework prefix. But from this point on, all lessons are homework by default, regardless of title.

You are not required to code along with homework lessons. Just read them carefully, familiarize yourself with new concepts and vocabulary, and prepare to practice these concepts during the next class session.

Sometimes in-class exercises prompt you to code along with previous homework. Even in these cases, you're expected to read homework lessons before class. You should never be reading a lesson for the first time during class.


Here are some examples from this section. As a reference for our examples, we'll use the full-time student schedule pictured below:

An image of the Object Oriented JavaScript course section that shows when classwork and homework is listed

  • The Address Book, Places You've Been, and To Do exercise contains all of Monday's in-class projects and activities.

  • All lessons below this exercise, labeled Monday, are Monday homework assignments that must be read before class on Tuesday.

  • The Address Book, Movie Tickets, Bank Account exercise contains all of Tuesday's in-class projects.

  • There is no homework for Tuesday.

  • The Game of Choice (Two-Day Project) exercise contains all of Wednesday and Thursday's in-class projects.

  • Any other lessons labeled Wednesday are Wednesday homework assignments that must be completed before Thursday's class. So on, and so forth.


From this point forward, all in-class time is spent coding, and all lessons are homework by default. This allows us to maximize hands-on coding practice, and bolster our portfolios with bigger, more complex projects as we prepare for our eventual job search.

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Last updated October 22, 2021