Exercise Tuesday

Whiteboard Practice

When and how whiteboarding practice is implemented will be up to your teacher. Below is a recommended prompt.


For this week's whiteboarding lesson, we'll focus on whiteboarding functions that use asynchrony. This isn't just good whiteboarding practice - it will also help you solidify these key concepts.


For both prompts, try to get the syntax and methods as close to correct as you can - but it's also okay to write some pseudocode or ask for assistance.

Prompt 1: Write a method that returns a promise. The promise should be wrapped around an GET request to a theoretical geography API (either using fetch() or an XMLHttpRequest object). Next, use Promise.prototype.then() to handle the return of the promise. The method should be able to handle errors.

Prompt 2: Write an async function that handles a GET request to a theoretical geography API using either fetch() or an XMLHttpRequest object. The async function should also handle the return of the API request (such as via a UI function - or even just a console.log() statement). Make sure to include a try...catch block for error handling.

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