Welcome to Intro to Programming! You are taking your first steps on the journey to becoming a developer, and we couldn't be more excited to have you on the road with us!

Getting Started at Epicodus

If you haven't already reviewed the content from the Getting Started at Epicodus section before this one, please do so now. Lessons in that section outline general recommendations, expectations and protocol for all Epicodus students and courses.

Your Intro to Programming Course

Each section, such as 1.1, of Intro to Programming will cover new concepts and tools considered to be fundamental to all programming languages we teach. In addition to learning new skills, you'll also learn a whole new technical vocabulary as well, as we introduce new terminology at every turn.

However, please note you are not required to memorize code or vocabulary as you work through lessons. Instead, daily practice will reinforce the concepts and skills you need to be successful. Like learning to play piano, it's your hands on the keys every day, over and over, that will make all the difference in what you know and how you play.

Pre-Coding Work

Before diving into code, work through all lessons in this section. They'll cover using something called a command line, version control using git and a piece of software we'll use every day called Visual Studio Code. You'll need this knowledge to be a coder! (Don't worry, lessons after this one will explain more!)

Oh, and don't forget to bring your questions, ideas, curiosity, and enthusiasm to class! The adventure begins...we're so happy you're here.

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