Students will brainstorm, plan, and complete a final capstone project, in a minimum of 40 hours of dedicated class time during the React unit. The capstone project coincides with the React course. The goal of the capstone is to create a portfolio-ready project which you'll be able to add to your resume, share with potential employers, and show off to friends and family!

Note: Fidgetech students, you will not be on the same timeline as Epicodus students. Check with your instructor about capstone timing and expectations.

Independent Capstone Schedule

Listed below is an outline of capstone-related events that occur in the React course. The bolded titles below correspond to the names of each learning section within the React course.

  • Functional Proramming: Learn about the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and begin brainstorming capstone ideas.

  • React Fundamentals: Begin working on your capstone proposal.

  • React with Redux: Turn in your capstone proposal. Your instructors will review your proposal and give feedback as needed. Also, your normally scheduled independent project time will be spent working on your capstone project.

  • React with NoSQL: For your independent project, you will spend your time working on your capstone project.

  • React with APIs: Instead of having an independent project, you will work on your capstone.

  • Independent Capstone: You will spend the final section of class working on your capstone. After you will present your capstone project to classmates and then turn it in as your final independent project.

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Last updated October 8, 2021