Lesson Weekend

Call for volunteers!

Almost ten weeks ago, you had the opportunity to attend a lunchtime talk where your classmates were the lunchtime speakers. At that time, you were in the lower cohort while the speakers were in the upper cohort. Now, though, you have switched positions — and you may have some things you'd like to share with the lower cohort.

If so, please send your instructor an email to let them know that you are interested in speaking. Please include a subject line of "lunch speaker" and 3 things that you would like to talk about. An instructor may also reach out to you if they feel you might be a good candidate to share your experience.

Here are a few ideas about what you can share:

  • Your general experience as an Epicodus student
  • Challenges you've faced along the way
  • Tips and things you wish you'd known sooner
  • Helpful study and self-care habits
  • How you've created community within Epicodus
  • Tips on networking outside of Epicodus
  • The ways you've set expectations and pacing for yourself during this fast-paced bootcamp
  • Your opinions on developing a growth mindset
  • Any inspiration

The talk will include time for 6-8 students to share their experiences (~5 minutes per person) as well as ~20 minutes for questions at the end. When it is your time to share, please give us an introduction and a bit about your background before you jump into what you have to share. Your instructor will put together the final list of students to speak. Depending on interest, not everyone will be able to participate as a speaker. However, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you are on the fence about speaking, please know that this is both low-stakes and open-ended. There is no right thing to talk about or share. We hope that it is a positive opportunity to support the incoming cohort and get experience speaking to a group!