Exercise Monday

Goal: Use C# classes to build basic console applications. Use constructors in classes and add custom methods.

Warm Up

  • What is C#? What is .NET 5.0?
  • How are classes declared? Why should we use custom classes?
  • What is a constructor? How do they help DRY up code?
  • Why is the 'red-green-refactor' method so important to test-driven development?
  • Discuss the benefits of TDD with your partner.
  • Why do we want our tests to fail before they pass?


Triangle Tracker

Create a Triangle Tracker console application similar to the Triangle Tracker website we made in Intro.

  • Make a console app with a Triangle class.

  • Use Console.ReadLine() to gather three numbers from the user.

  • Create a method in the Triangle class that takes these 3 numbers and returns what type of triangle (if any) they form:

    • Equilateral: All sides are equal;
    • Isosceles: Exactly 2 sides are equal;
    • Scalene: No sides are equal.
  • Not all combinations make valid triangles. If any side is longer than the other two sides combined, the lengths cannot form a triangle. For example, 2, 2, and 8 does not make a triangle. Make sure to account for this.

  • Write plain English spec descriptions first, including both an input and desired output for each test.


A palindrome is any word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters that reads the same both backward or forward.

Create a console application that includes a method to identify whether a word is a palindrome. It should return true if the user-provided word is a palindrome and false if it is not.

Here are several recommended approaches:

  • Simpler: There is a method Array.Reverse(). Check it out in the REPL to see what it does.

  • More Challenging: Create the method without using the Array.Reverse() method. If the simpler way of doing this isn't a challenge, we recommend trying this out!

  • Bonus Points: Make a method that checks a string of words and also an integer. For example: "Hello olleH" is a palindrome by our definition. An integer palindrome would be: 101.


Here's something a bit trickier and please only attempt this if you have completed the previous projects and had them checked by an instructor. An allergy score is a single number that tells what someone is allergic to. The scores for each allergen are:

allergen     score
eggs         1
peanuts      2
shellfish    4
strawberries 8
tomatoes     16
chocolate    32
pollen       64
cats         128

So if someone is allergic to eggs and strawberries, they get a score of 9.

Build a website that uses a method that is called on someone's score - i.e. the score is the object, and returns an array listing what they're allergic to. For example, running allergies(3) should print a list of the person's allergies (eggs and peanuts) to the screen.

Peer Code Review

  • Do projects include custom classes, constructors and methods?
  • Could code be DRYer or more concise?
  • Are all possible outcomes considered when branching? For instance, if the console application eliminates all possible outcomes in the high/low game, how does it respond? For instance, the app could say "there are no numbers that fit these constraints" if this is the case.

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