Exercise Sunday

As discussed in the Journaling at Epicodus lesson, each weekend you'll receive a journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. You'll then discuss your responses with a partner at the beginning of the next class session.

Journal Response Discussion

This section's Prompt

You were asked to write responses to the following in your journal over the weekend, as detailed in the Journal #11 prompt:

  • What are your top three strengths you think will apply to your future career? These don't have to be coding-related, but certainly can be.

  • What are your current areas of weakness? List at least three. Remain gentle, yet reasonable and honest with yourself. This isn't a time for negative self-talk, but a time to objectively identify areas for growth.

  • For each strength you listed, jot down at least one example of this strength 'in action' at previous jobs, or in the classroom. These are the types of stories you can refer back to in a job interview.

  • For weaknesses, list specific steps you can take to begin improving in these areas. For instance, if you identified "clear verbal communication" as a weakness, don't list that you'll simply "learn to talk better". Instead, detail the steps you'll take. Will you seek out a free public speaking course online? Attend a meetup and aim to speak to at least 5 new people? Try a lightening talk?

Discussion Questions

Discuss what you recorded in your journal with your partner.

  • What did you each identify as your strengths?

  • Practice explaining your example stories that depict these strengths. Examples like these are beneficial in job interviews, so it's important to have several tried-and-tested stories ready to go at a moment's notice.

  • Give feedback on each partner's examples of strengths. Were any of the examples a little confusing? Too short? Too long? Did your partner downplay an achievement they should really be emphasizing? To the best of your ability, put yourselves in the shoes of a hiring manager. Do you think these examples do a great job of depicting your partner's awesome strengths?

  • Share the weaknesses you identified, and the steps you'll take to grow in these areas.

  • Working together, can you brainstorm anything else either of you could do to address these areas? Have you stumbled upon a resource that may help your partner? Do you know of a meetup aimed to at discussing or practicing a certain technical area one of you identified as a weakness? Etc. Your co-students are one of your best resources on this journey. Take a moment to listen and support each other's continued growth.