Lesson Wednesday

At the end of every course section, we'll take a break from coding to practice interview questions with our partner. These questions will (primarily) revolve around the content we learned in this section, and, much like a "real" interview, some will be more technical than others.

In addition to learning how to implement the new tools, technologies, and concepts, you want to become comfortable talking about them too, so you may accurately demonstrate and communicate these skills you've learned to potential employers in an interview.

Take turns answering the questions below with your partner:

Technical Interview Questions

  • Walk through the differences between a one-to-many and a many-to-many database relationship.
  • Describe a use case for a many-to-many relationship. What about a one-to-many?
  • What is the purpose of a join table? What should be included in a join table? What shouldn't be?
  • What information or object does a join entity represent?
  • What is a migration? How do migrations make it easier for developers to work together on a large codebase?
  • What is a navigation property and what purpose do it serve in EF Core?
  • From what routes is it possible to create a new entry in your join table? From which routes does it make the most sense?
  • What is model validation?
  • What is a validation attribute and how do we use it in our C# models?

Stories and Examples

Offering a tangible story or example that highlights your skills usually goes much further in an interview than simply telling your interviewer you're good at something. (i.e.: Telling a story about a time you tracked down a tricky bug versus simply saying "I'm good at problem-solving!").

Review the STAR method, discussed in this lesson on non-technical interviews. Use the STAR method to practice answering non-technical questions with your partner.

Again, if you come up with a story or example you feel good about, jot it down somewhere! It's tough to come up with stories like this in an interview on the spot. Having a few tucked away to review before an interview will be a huge benefit to you later.