Exercise Tuesday

Goal: Continue your practice with many-to-many relationships by refactoring an old project.

Warm Up

  • Practice making join statements with your partner.
  • What is the difference between a join ENTITY and a join TABLE?
  • What information do you need to know to make a join entity?
  • How is the LINQ query from a join ENTITY returned?
  • How do join entities make our lives easier?


Choose between the two prompts below and work on solidifying your skills with many-to-many relationships in a multi-day project. This is an opportunity to build out a polished site, and explore implementation of EF Core functionality that is not covered by the curriculum.

Project Refactor

Revisit an old project with a one-to-many relationship and refactor it to have a many-to-many relationship. Consider the impact this may have on routing, and how your models and controllers will need to change to handle this new functionality.

Design Your Own

Build a new project that includes a many-to-many relationship with full CRUD. Make sure to write user stories to guide your development before beginning to code.

Peer Code Review

  • Do database tables and columns follow proper naming conventions?
  • Do you have thorough test coverage with passing tests?
  • Did you write the test methods and make them pass before starting on routes for each class?
  • Does one of your classes have all CRUD methods implemented in your app? That includes: Create, Read (all and singular) Update and Delete (all and singular).
  • Are you able to view both sides of the many-many relationship? For a particular instance of a class, are you able to view all of the instances of the other class that are related to it? And vice versa?
  • Is the many-to-many relationship set up correctly in the database?

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