1. Weekend Database Basics Objectives
  2. Weekend Introduction to Databases
  3. Weekend SQL Basics: Managing MySQL Databases from the Command Line
  4. Weekend Introduction to MySQL Workbench: Creating a Database
  5. Weekend Connecting a Database to an ASP.NET Core App with MySqlConnector
  6. Weekend Retrieving Objects From the Database
  7. Weekend Testing Database Backed Applications
  8. Weekend Creating a Test Database: Exporting and Importing Databases with MySQL Workbench
  9. Weekend Using the Test Database
  10. Weekend Deleting Objects in the Database
  11. Weekend Testing for an Empty Database
  12. Weekend Overriding Equals and GetHashCode
  13. Weekend Saving Objects in the Database
  14. Weekend Finding Objects in the Database
  15. Weekend More SQL Queries
  16. Weekend Journal #10
  17. Sunday Journal #10 Discussion
  18. Sunday To Do List and Project Rebuild
  19. Sunday Database Schema and Relationship Types
  20. Sunday Using SQL Designer
  21. Sunday Introducing Entity Framework Core
  22. Sunday Configuration for Entity Framework Core
  23. Sunday Read with EF Core
  24. Sunday Create with EF Core
  25. Sunday HTML Helper Methods, Lambda Expressions, and String Interpolation
  26. Sunday Showing Item Details with EF Core
  27. Sunday Further Exploration with Testing
  28. Monday To Do List, Animal Shelter, and Inventory - Part 1
  29. Tuesday To Do List, Animal Shelter, and Inventory - Part 2
  30. Wednesday To Do List, Animal Shelter, and Inventory - Part 3
  31. Wednesday Update with EF Core
  32. Wednesday Delete with EF Core
  33. Wednesday Establishing a One-To-Many Relationship with Navigation Properties
  34. Wednesday Using ViewBag
  35. Wednesday Create and Update with a One-To-Many Relationship
  36. Wednesday Inclusive Terminology: Using a Main Branch