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All of the C# apps we've created have run in the command line. Now it's time to start building C# web applications that run in the browser. We'll use a special web application framework called ASP.NET Core MVC to do this.

In the next few lessons, we'll learn more about the ASP.NET Core MVC framework including its history, how it works, and how it follows a pattern called server-side MVC. Then we'll create a "Hello World" web application.

.NET Frameworks

Since 2000, .NET evolved to include three different implementations:

  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core
  • Xamarin with Mono

These implementations are called frameworks. While only one actually has "framework" in its name, all three are indeed frameworks. The .NET Framework was the original implementation of .NET and was released in 2002. Mono was released in 2004 and .NET Core was released in 2014.

Mono and .NET Core are both cross-platform implementations of the .NET Framework. This means they can run on multiple different operating systems such as Mac OSX and Windows. Applications developed with the .NET Framework can only run on Windows. However, in 2020, .NET 5.0 was released, which contains the multiple OS capabilities of .NET Core, and is the official recommended framework moving forward. Even though the "Core" was dropped from the name, many of the tools we will use keep the word "Core", to avoid being confused with similarly-named packages.

Each of these implementations provide access to a unique class library. We can access these libraries by calling on the .NET Platform Standard, which provides a set of rules for accessing each class library from any of the .NET implementations.

We'll use ASP.NET Core MVC, which is a specific implementation of the .NET Core framework from the list above. ASP.NET Core MVC is a server-side framework that follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern.

In the next two lessons, we'll discuss server-side frameworks and MVCs. Then we'll create our first ASP.NET Core MVC web application together.

ASP.NET Core MVC: A Model-View-Controller framework based on C#.

Server-side framework: An application that runs on a server, not in a client such as a browser.

.NET has three different implementations:

  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core
  • Xamarin with Mono

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