Exercise Wednesday

The part-time program was created to allow students to attend Epicodus without putting a strain on their schedule and livelihood. While part-time students have the option to join the full-time internship program, most choose to coordinate an internship that meets their schedule and needs. You have the freedom to arrange your own internship when you’re ready, and since it’s not part of a program that has to consider the rest of your classmates, there’s a lot more freedom around the schedule, timeline, and technologies.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide class time to search and apply for independent internships, as well as prepare you for your future job search. Even if you plan to join the full-time internship, we ask that you use this time to your advantage to apply for potential internship and job opportunities. This week, you will apply for 2 internships and your career advisor will check your submitted application materials to help make sure you’re on the right track. To secure an internship, you may need to apply to additional internships outside of those required for this assignment.

Internship Applications

Because students find internships through a wide variety of sources, you will have multiple options to complete your internship application assignment each week. Many students find their internships through the network they build in the tech industry, so you are highly encouraged to branch out beyond traditional job applications.

  1. Apply for a traditional job or internship posting. You can find a job or internship you’d like to apply to by following this lesson on job boards.

    • Please provide a link to the job posting, and the resume and cover letter that you submit.
  2. Cold emailing or other outreach

    • Please BCC your advisor or provide a screenshot of the email, or a copy of the notes you took during a phone call and link this in your tracker spreadsheet
  3. Informational interview

    • Please provide a screenshot of the email confirming your meeting or a copy of the notes you took during the interview.
  4. Interview with a potential employer / internship host

    • Please provide a screenshot of your follow-up “thank you” email

Searching for Internship Opportunities

Before you write your application materials for a traditional internship posting, find one you'd like to apply for following this lesson on job boards.

Alternatively, spend time on LinkedIn or other networking resources finding a contact at a company you might be interested in working with and craft a message using this lesson on cold emailing and outreach.

Follow-up is important after applying to an internship posting and especially important after cold outreach! Follow this lesson on Following Up During the Job Application Process

Creating Documents

Create your own internship tracker sheet by copying the template here, which you will use for both internship applications and job applications. To do so, open the link and click on "File" in the top left under "Job Tracker Template." Then, click on the second option, "Make a Copy", rename it, and save it to your Google Drive.

Before you start writing your cover letter and resume, we want to make sure you're clear on how to do so in Google Docs. To create a new Google Doc, head to the main Google Docs page and click on 'Blank' under 'Start a new document.' This will create an empty project for you to fill out with your resume or cover letter. There's no need to save your work because Google Drive automatically tracks your changes.

Application Materials

Using the above method of creating Google Docs, follow this lesson on cover letters and this lesson on resumes to create documents specific to the internship you are applying for. It is a common pitfall for students to tailor their cover letters to different employers but send the same resume over and over.

Since you've already gotten feedback on a practice resume and cover letter, you should have a good idea of what to do now that you are applying for a real job or internship. However, we want you to keep getting feedback on how to improve your applications. While working on your resume and cover letter in class, ask for help from your advisor and teacher if you have any questions or want feedback. When you're done, you'll submit your application to your advisor for review.

You will also submit copies of any cold emails or outreach to your advisor for review and feedback.


Once you have completed one of the internship application activities listed above, add it to your job tracking spreadsheet!

For traditional internship or job applications, add the links for your resume and cover letter to your job tracking spreadsheet (make sure they are shared and visible to your advisor), and then submit your job tracker sheet in Epicenter as your career review submission.

For other activities, link to any applicable screenshots, images, or notes in your job tracker spreadsheet.

Even though you’ve already submitted your applications or sent your outreach, your advisor can give you feedback on your resumes, cover letters, cold email messages, etc. that you can use to improve on future applications and outreach.

To submit your materials as a career review, click on the "Share" button at the top of your job search spreadsheet. It will prompt you to give your document a name and then open a window called 'Share with others.' In the top-right of this window, click the button that says 'Get shareable link.' Open the drop-down menu that says 'Anyone with the link can view,' and change the option to 'Anyone with the link can edit,' then copy the resulting link. This way, your advisor can give you feedback directly on your documents and view your job search spreadsheet.

Review this document on other career services projects you can do if you have already arranged your internship or if you have extra time during class hours set aside for career services.