Exercise Friday

Important: If you have API keys or other credentials for this project, please do not push them to github. Your instructor will need access to these keys in order to review your project with you. Make sure that the steps outlined to use these keys are correct in your readme, and email your instructor the correct credentials so your work can be graded efficiently.


Project prompts will be available on Epicenter at 8:00am Friday.

More Information

For more information on using APIs in your independent project, including examples of general API types that may integrate well with each project category, revisit the Android Independent Projects lesson. And again, make sure to thoroughly test all API calls, as described in this lesson, before integrating them into your Android application.


Your code will be reviewed for fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Implement OkHttp to retrieve data from a backend.
  • Create a data model to store the data.
  • Display a list of information using a RecyclerView, OR use fragments and a PagerAdapter to swipe through views. (You are also welcome to do both.)
  • Incorporate at least one implicit intent; Sending a message or an email, or loading a web page for example.
  • Continue using good coding practices, especially indenting properly, making logically separate Git commits, including a README, and removing commented-out code and logging statements before committing.
  • Required functionality was present by the 5:00pm Friday deadline.
  • Project demonstrates understanding of this week’s concepts. If prompted, you can discuss your code with an instructor using correct terminology.


Submit your code for review to the Web Service Backends and Fragments code review on Epicenter.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.