Exercise Monday

Goal: Your goal today is to get comfortable using Android Studio. Practice creating a simple Android application using a basic layout, buttons, toasts, intents and user input.

Warm up

  • How does XML differ from HTML? How are they alike?
  • What's the difference between sp and dp? How do you decide which to use?
  • When would you use a toast?
  • How are intents used in an Android application?



Follow along with the weekend videos/lessons and build out the foundation for the MyRestaurants app which we will continue to work on over the next four weeks.

Additional Resources

Try creating your own themes to style activities differently. Check out this article for some tips and tricks

Here are some additional resources that might come in handy:

Peer Code Review

  • Does the app gather user input and pass it to another activity.
  • Are the git commits clear and descriptive?
  • Is the README detailed and descriptive, with all necessary elements?
  • Is the code properly indented? Do naming conventions make sense?