Exercise Wednesday

Goal: Your goal for today is to practice using ListViews and ArrayAdapters to display lists of data.


Boggle Solitaire

Are you familiar with the game Boggle? Players write down words using the letters that appear after rolling lettered dice. Create an app that allows users to play a solitaire version of this game. The gameplay should function like this:

  • Your app randomly generates a string of 8 letters.
  • This string should always contain at least two vowels.
  • The user enters a word that contains at least three of these randomly generated letters.
  • Your app confirms that at least three of these randomly generated letters are included in the user's word.
  • The user's word is then added to an array and displayed in a ListView at the end of each round (Hint: use intent extras).

### Don't forget to use the .equals() method if you are comparing String objects! ###

Further Exploration

  • Implement tests for the features listed above. When those tests successfully pass, write tests for the new features you intend on adding. Make sure they fail appropriately, then include code to make them pass. Continue this process for each and every additional feature you add.
  • Use a timer to limit the time your users have to complete each round: CountDownTimer.
  • Allow users to scramble the randomly generated string of 8 letters.

Peer Code Review

  • Does the app contain all of the required functionality?
  • Are ListView and ArrayAdapter integrated correctly?
  • Is the code well-refactored and easy to follow?
  • Is information being passed between activities successfully?