Lesson Weekend

Congratulations! You've made it to the final week of your final in-class course at Epicodus!

Overview of Week

You will spend this week working independently on a cumulative capstone project of your choosing. On Thursday you’ll present the project at our in-class trade show. Several weeks into your internship you’ll also present this project (or another you’ve completed 100% independently) to employers at Demo Day.

This lesson will outline the requirements and expectations for this week.


  • Attendance policy still applies. You are still expected to attend Epicodus during normal class hours, and sign in and out of Epicenter.

  • You may use your own machine. Similar to weekly independent projects and team week, roughly half of students will need to bring their own machine. The wifi network will be available all week.

  • Your project must be completed independently. This is likely the project you’ll be presenting at Demo Day. Employers attending this event expect to see examples of independent student work. While you may discuss, brainstorm, beta test, and advise one another, all code must be written by you, and you alone.

Trade Show

Similar to the fifth week in previous courses, you’ll present your project in our Thursday trade show. Take advantage of this opportunity to practice your pitch for Demo Day, and receive feedback on your MVP.

Plan to spend several minutes addressing the following:

  • Project Name and Objective: Why did you choose this project? What purpose does it fulfill?

  • Demonstration: Show and describe the features of your work. Use technical terms and try hard to make this a serious, professional presentation.

  • Process: Describe the development process of your project. What was your MVP? What additional features did you add after fulfilling the requirements of your MVP? What features do you still hope to include?

  • Challenges: Share the biggest challenges you faced, and how you tackled them.

Additionally, allow time for any questions your audience may have.


Submit the link to your project's GitHub repository to the Independent Capstone Project code review on Epicenter before the end of the day Thursday.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.

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