Lesson Weekend

For this course, we will be using Android Studio - the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Android application development. Android Studio provides us with all of the tools we need to write, test, and build apps and even interact with our apps using a built-in emulator.


Before downloading and installing Android Studio, make sure your computer is equipped with JDK 6 or higher. To check which version of the JDK is currently on your computer, type the following into the terminal:

$ javac -version

If the output does not read 1.6.0 or higher, go back to the Java setup instructions: Installing Java.

Android Studio

The machines at Epicodus are currently running Android Studio 2.3.2 For the sake of consistency, we recommend using the same version on your personal machine. Android Studio 2.3.2 can be downloaded from the Android Studio Website.

Additionally, make sure to check out and bookmark the Android Studio documentation here.