Exercise Weekend

Before the first Thursday of class, take time to ensure all necessary tools are correctly installed on your personal machine. For Android, this primarily includes making sure your machine is equipped with JDK 6 or higher, and installing Android Studio.

Double-check your version of JDK by running the following command in the terminal: $ javac -version. If the output is not 1.6.0 or higher, install an updated version of Java using one of the following lesson:

Additionally, make sure you have Android Studio 2.3.2 correctly installed, as detailed in the following lesson:

If you encounter any issues installing or configuring any of these technologies, there will be an opportunity to receive setup assistance from Epicodus staff the first Thursday of the course at 10:30am. It's important to try setting up these tools up now, so that you may take advantage of installation and setup assistance if any errors or issues occur.