Lesson Weekend

Android is a platform. Unlike iOS, it is used across many different devices from the Samsung Galaxy to the Google Nexus. Manufacturers take the base Android software components and customize them, which makes developing for Android a bit more challenging than developing for iOS.

To get started, let’s get familiar with the Android Documentation and other helpful resources. On the Android Developers site, we can find anything from material design guidelines to how-to references - and even information on distributing your completed apps on Google Play.

Essential Resources

The following resources will be essential when starting with Android. Take a few moments to glance through them now:

Design Resources


Testing Resources

Beyond setting up your project for testing, we will not delve into testing quite yet. However, it is often a desirable skill for junior Android developers, and testing may be part of your internship. Spend some time during this course learning about the fundamentals of unit and integration testing in Android:

Unit Testing

Instrumentation Testing

Data Persistence with SQLite

In this course, we will be using a JSON database called Firebase to store our data. We won’t cover relational database storage with databases like SQLite. but like testing, SQLite may be used during your internship, so familiarizing yourself with it will make you that much more marketable:

Helpful Libraries

Android Studio

Android Interview Questions