Lesson Weekend

Independent projects

At the end of every week, you are given the opportunity to complete an independent project. The resulting work demonstrates a mastery of the coding objectives, concepts and tools of the week and becomes an example of individual work in your GitHub portfolio. Work on the code review project must be completed individually and independently. You may use Google, Stack Overflow, Learn How To Program and your own previous code for reference but should not copy and paste any code or engage other students or staff for advice or direction.

Further exploration

Independent project options will include possibilities for further exploration beyond the primary objectives for the week. If you complete the requirements for the week's objectives, consider implementing these options or adding features and improvements of your choosing. Remember, the independent project represents your individual efforts. In the future, when you want to demonstrate your personal coding skills, you will have a portfolio of independent projects where you were the only contributor to the code. By exploring further options, you will be able to show how you went above and beyond the minimum requirements to make something impressive.

Make your independent projects the best example of your work for the week.

Code reviews

Teachers review your independent project with you during the following week. Together, you will discuss how you completed the objectives for the week. This time offers you a one-on-one session with your teacher to demonstrate your coding work and share any ideas and questions you may have.

Code reviews are required. Your code review projects for the course must demonstrate the required objectives before the final day of the course for the course to be considered successfully completed.


Before finalizing and submitting work for a code review, do a final check for each of the week's objectives.

When the project code looks good:

  1. Push the final code to a GitHub repo.
  2. Login to Epicenter account and navigate to the Code Reviews section.
  3. Select the code review link for the section being completed.
  4. Add the link to the top level of the GitHub repo in the provided field.
  5. Submit.

Submission is always due on Friday by 5pm. (For evening students, the code review deadline will be discussed in class.)


Each objective will be reviewed with a teacher the following week, with one of the following responses:

  • The code does not meet this standard.
  • The code meets this standard most of the time.
  • The code meets this standard all of the time.

If the objectives from the week have been met most of the time or all of the time, awesome!

If there are some areas that need more attention (The code does not meet the standard.), students will need to spend some time revisiting the relevant lessons and their code.
In the student-teacher code review, strategies for working through the necessary objectives will be discussed. Students must re-submit incomplete code review projects for a follow-up review before completing the next scheduled code review project.