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Now that we've covered an ample amount of the Android basics, we can start getting to the fun stuff. This week we'll begin exploring some of the phone-specific features that make Android development that much more exciting!

We'll begin by learning about Android's ItemTouchHelper utility and the gesture support it offers; specifically focusing on drag-and-drop, and swiping gestures. Then, we'll walk through updating our databases with information provided from users via touchscreen interactions.

Then, we'll add animations to components in order to make them appear differently when users are actively interacting with them via the touchscreen. Not only will this make our apps look more professional, but it'll provide a sense of interactivity to users.

Next, we'll explore flexible UIs that will allow our app to switch orientation from portrait, to landscape, and back again depending on the angle of the phone. This will require us to learn more about Fragments and how they communicate.

Finally, we'll learn how to publish completed applications to the Google Play store!

Along the way we'll build more features into our ongoing MyRestaurants application, create several new applications of choice, and continue independent projects.

Independent Project Objectives

At the end of the week, your ongoing independent project will be reviewed for the following objectives

  • Includes at least two gesture listeners OR two animations, OR utilize the camera within your application.
  • Implements at least one alternate resource.
  • Continue using good coding practices, especially indenting properly, making logically separate Git commits, including a README, and removing commented-out code and logging statements before committing.
  • Required functionality was present by the 5:00pm Friday deadline.
  • Project demonstrates understanding of this week’s concepts. If prompted, you can discuss your code with an instructor using correct terminology.
  • Project is in a presentable, portfolio-quality state.
  • Optional: Is published to Google Play.

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