Exercise Friday


Your project will be available on Epicenter at 8:00am Friday.


Your code will be reviewed for fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Includes at least two gesture listeners OR two animations, OR utilize the camera within your application.
  • Implements at least one alternate resource.
  • Continue using good coding practices, especially indenting properly, making logically separate Git commits, including a README, and removing commented-out code and logging statements before committing.
  • Required functionality was present by the 5:00pm Friday deadline.
  • Project demonstrates understanding of this week’s concepts. If prompted, you can discuss your code with an instructor using correct terminology.
  • Project is in a presentable, portfolio-quality state. This can mean: a polished (can be simple) layout, form validation, a detailed readme, user icons, no file clutter, and much more.
  • Optional: Is published to Google Play.


Submit your code for review to the Gestures, Animations & Flexible UIs code review on Epicenter.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.

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